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Özçakmak Marble Industry Trade Ltd Co; was established  in 1987 in Afyon – Turkey after quarry processing activities which were started by Mr İsmail Çakmak in 1950. Our company owns two marble quarries existed in Afyon and Sivrihisar. Özçakmak produces annually approximately 10.000 m³ marble blocks from Sivrihisar quarry, however we process different kinds of marble blocks that are taken from various places in Turkey in our plant Afyon.

Özçakmak plant was founded on a covered place about 2500 m² and open area 1700 m². Annually 80.000 m² slabs and 120.000 m² cut to size marble production are realized in our Afyon plant. The marble machines which are used in our plant are:  2 Gangsaws, 2 Block cutting machines, 1 Multi disc cutting machine, 1 Polishing machine ( 3+12 ), 1 Chamfering and bevelling machine, 3 Vertical cutting machines, 1 Horizontal cutting machine.

 The sorts of marble which are produced by Özçakmak are: Creama Beige, Sivrihisar Beige kinds (Dark, Creama and Rosalia), Bilecik Rosalia, Mugla White and Afyon Tigerskin.Since 1994 and Özçakmak Marble Industry exports its products to Europe, Latin America, Australia and Middle east countries.

 The reason of Özçakmak success comes from offering the best services as per the needs of the Customer with a range of natural stones materials at competitive prices while maintaining the quality and prompt delivery period according to the specifications and standards.


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